Grace asks the media… What’s even real anymore??

A few weeks ago I came across an Instagram account that I couldn’t quite tear my eyes from. The account owner is Kirby Jenner, who describes himself as an “Amateur Model/Lover of all things/Fraternal Twin of Kendall Jenner.”


What was that? Kendall Jenner’s fraternal twin??

Call me what you want, but it actually took me a good bit of time to realize this account was indeed a parody account. (But can one really blame me with how big the Kardashian Empire currently is and continues to become? Seriously, it can get really complicated to truly keep up with the Kardashians.)

On top of his jokes, ‘Kirby Jenner’ actually posts incredibly deceiving photoshopped images (another reason it took me a while to comprehend that this account is not actually real). If only I had known about reverse image searching sooner! Now that I am aware of this truth-discovering technique, however, I reverse image searched a few of Kirby’s Instagram photos that had once puzzled me and found the original sources of his photoshop masterpieces.

Through some research, I discovered that Kirby’s account is actually run by a small creative agency in LA and has been posting pictures and interacting with Kardashian posts for the past three years.

Here are some examples of pictures Kirby has posted with his “twin” Kendall:

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 1.50.17 PM

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 1.21.26 PM

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 1.51.00 PM

& here are the original images from various sources:

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 1.56.45 PM

This original photograph comes from Kendall’s cover on Elle. The picture looks a little lonelier without Kirby!


This picture comes from Vogue Turkey’s 100th issue. Kendall is pictured with the famous Turkish (& real) photographer Mert Alas, not Kirby Jenner.

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 1.55.23 PM

Finally, this last original image I discovered from the skill of reverse image searching comes from photographer John Shearer, posted by CNN in the article “Met Gala 2018: Photos from the red carpet.”

Kirby Jenner and the small agency that runs his verified account have done a fantastic of producing content that is entertaining and humorous. While some may say off the bat the account is clearly a joke, I have to argue that the photoshop skills make the posts pretty believable. At least, they definitely make you do a double-take. Isn’t that what social media users are all really asking for? More attention?

Keep doing you, Kirby Jenner! You may not be real, but your Instagram account is one to live for.


Now, let’s stick our noses into a fascinating article by ESPN to perform the SMELL (+PIE) test. With a name like SMELL+PIE, how could you ever hold off on meticulously evaluating every news article you come across?

ESPN posted an article titled “What these four NFL stars are saying about their suspensions” on September 3, 2018. The article covers the opinions of football stars Julian Edelman, Thomas Davis, Jameis Winston, and Mark Ingram on their recent suspensions (given for various purposes) from the NFL program.


The first thing I noticed in coming across this article was the lack of an author for the entire piece. Other ESPN articles list the author’s name and title towards the top of the piece, but this particular one only cites “,” causing me to wonder about the origin of the work. As I read through the article, though, I noticed the work actually has four different authors separately covering the four players interviewed. The authors include Mike Reiss, David Newton, Jenna Laine, and Mike Triplett.

Within each section, the authors provide quotes from the players themselves. The players are the primary sources of the piece, as they are the direct origins of information concerning what the article is about – their suspensions.


The purpose of this piece is to provide information on what suspended NFL players will be doing with their time off this season and what attitudes they have towards returning. Since each player covered is pretty famous (as important members of their teams) and definitely returning during this season (with each of them missing either the first three or four games), many football fans are definitely eager to know what their favorite players will be up to when not on the field.


The evidence for this piece includes direct quotations from the players and firsthand information gathered by the authors from observing/following around/interviewing the players.


The logical structure this piece follows includes a primary explanation of suspended NFL players. Then, the article splits into four parts to cover the four different players.

Within each piece, the author describes for how long the player is out and for what purpose. Then, the section discusses how the player feels about his time off/how he plans to spend it; the authors also mention some of the major achievements of each player (to indicate their importance to their teams and signify why it is such a bummer that each one is currently banned from anything NFL related).

Left Out

The obvious answer to what has been left out of this article is the specific mention of all other NFL players currently suspended this season. The article opens with the statement, “More than 20 NFL players will be sitting out Week 1 because of suspensions…,” but the article only covers the “four household names.”

The article could have also included quotes from friends or family, who would have provided a different perspective on how the players have been holding up, rather than the players expressing such themselves.


You can’t get any closer to the sources themselves than the primary sources, which the authors have done their piece about and interviewed in this article.

In regards to the authors’ relationships with the players, it seems as though the authors are just employees of ESPN, but they have definitely spent time around the players. From the writing, I sensed that the authors had certainly done their research and were pretty comfortable around the players. Overall, this piece gives a pretty direct look into the players’ current situations.


I would not say that the piece is an independent work, because four different authors combined four different stories to make up one. Also, ESPN is a huge organization with some biased writers, so I am going to have to rate the ‘independence’ as pretty low for this one.


The writers of this piece have written various articles regarding the NFL for ESPN, and all of them have even covered the players they discuss in this article before.

For example, Jenna Laine has another article on ESPN about Jameis Winston, as well as several other pieces about Winston’s team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. David Newton has various articles on the Carolina Panthers. Mike Reiss usually covers the Patriots, and Mike Triplett often follows the New Orleans Saints.

It’s safe to say these authors are seasoned writers in regards to the players they cover in this piece.

5 Create to Learn Questions

Who is the author and what is the purpose of this message?

As mentioned before, the authors of this piece include David Newton, Mike Reiss, Jenna Laine, and Mike Triplett. Their purpose is to shed some light on the suspension time of 4 very famous NFL players.

What creative techniques are used to attract and hold audience attention?

The article is split up into an introductory summary, and four sections describing each player, with each separated by a photograph of the player and an explanation of why the player is suspended. This makes the article easy to follow and effective in informing the audience.

How might different people interpret this message differently?

Some people may find the order important, with the most famous/beloved player first and the least famous listed last. The only reason I think this at all is because I have a Patriots fan as a roommate, and if Patriots fans don’t get their way, things usually don’t turn out well. (Julian Edelman is listed first in the article. There is also a video attached to the top of the article that only discusses Edelman. Patriots fans are hardcore.)

What lifestyles, values, and points of view are presented?

The lifestyles of the players are presented through this piece. The audience gets a sense of each man’s devotion to the game of football, as well as a sneak peak into their personal lives off of the field.

What is omitted?

As mentioned before, secondary sources have been left out of this piece that could’ve provided different insights on the players.

Overall, I think this piece is credible and efficient in conveying its message. While having four different authors makes the piece a little scattered, it also provides diverse viewpoints. I am glad I did this article, because I do not often question news such as this that I come across.

Plus, I’m actually pretty interested to see how these four players return to the game after their suspensions subside.

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