DIY #3: Grace Learns How to be a Better Ally


In receiving this project assignment, I immediately knew I wanted to do something out of the ordinary. While I found the topics provided interesting, the issue of race tugged the hardest at my heart strings. I recently wrote an article for another class on the African American population at USC, and I felt that certain things I had learned needed to be shared with others, and this project gave me the perfect platform to do so. As I mention in my PSA, I am from Atlanta. Although my high school still has a long way to go regarding the integration of different ethnicities, I felt that my peers were much more diverse than those I have at USC. Therefore, I decided to recognize my white privilege and see how I could use it to benefit those born without it. The call for action of my PSA is to become better allies to minority groups on campus, with an emphasis on the African American students, as they make up only 4.4% of the undergraduate population. As I understand this is not necessarily my story to tell, I turned to black students to share how they would feel more comfortable on a campus where they have very little representation. I interviewed students Jephtha Prempeh, Gillian Parkinson, and Maurice Granate-Jones. Each subject had very similar answers to how it felt being part of such a small minority group. They don’t always feel safe or appreciated, just because of the color of their skin. No one should have to feel that way. Which is exactly why I had each subject lead into the topic of what being an ally means to them and how to be a better one, in order to create a more welcoming community. Overall, I am very proud of this piece. I shot a good amount of the footage, but also included B-roll of campus from a YouTube video (listed below). I also got further interview experience and the opportunity to practice and grow in my Adobe Premiere skills. I had an important story I wanted to share, and I got to do so with this assignment. I can only hope now that it has the impact it was made to have.

Special thanks to/Works Cited:
Jephtha Prempeh
Gillian Parkinson
Maurice Granate-Jones

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