Africa Adventures: Grace Returns!

It’s been months since my last post. I originally started this blog for my ASCJ class, but my journalism and blogging career has only just begun.

I have found inspiration to return to this blog, my baby, in no other location than South Africa!

I have recently begun my internship for Africa Media, a company that focuses on capturing the story of wild Africa. I’ve been in Africa for a little over a week now, first visiting Johannesburg and Madikwe game reserve with my family. Now, I have settled in an area right outside Mossel Bay with a group of 13 other students. I will reside here for the next month, taking a journalism course and adventuring all over the area.

Already, I have participated in an elephant walk, in which I got to walk alongside, pet, and feed an 18 year old male elephant! Sorry family, but this experience totally topped our 3 day safari. Nothing beats getting that close to such a massive, wise being. Elephants remember everything.

Humans, however, do not, which is why I will be relying on this blog to record all the adventures I endure during my time on this beautiful continent.

I hope readers, familiar and new, enjoy!

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