WRIT 340 Blog Post #1: Journalism & Law – Update

For the final assignment in my Advanced Writing 340 course, I’ve decided to update my topic from journalism & entrepreneurship to journalism & law. Although I think the crossover between my major and minor would have been an interesting subject to track, I realized from previous courses I have taken at USC that there is a variety of more issues I’m passionate about regarding media law.

First Amendment law is incredibly important to understand and refer to as a journalist. The power and ability to say certain things whenever and however you may choose to say them is crucial in maintaining a democracy, and checking the government is almost more important than ever in these divided times.

For my journalism major, I have taken both Media Law and Ethics, as well as Advanced Media Law. It wasn’t until my advanced course that the teachings really clicked with me, and I could feel the inner lawyer (perhaps passed down to me from my mother) come out. Therefore, I think I will be a lot more enthusiastic in reviewing the crossover between journalism and law, as I already know the interest and drive are there.

In addition, there are so many different directions I can go and topics I can cover within this overarching theme, from defamation and privacy torts to government leaks and journalism protection.

For my final project in my advanced law class, I focused on whether or not Kanye West defamed Taylor Swift in his song “Famous.”

For this paper (although I may decide to narrow down as I continue research), I would like to focus on how cases among both celebrities/public figures and the government have influenced media law, as well as how media law has evolved with continuously growing diversity in the U.S.


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