WRIT 340 Blog Post #4: Presentation on Anti-SLAPP Legislation

The next portion of this final assignment was supposed to be an oral presentation conducted in class. Due to COVID-19, we had to transform this in-person presentation to an online format. WordPress will not currently allow me to upload video content, so I’ve produced a Google Slides presentation (without audio) that still includes all the assignment criteria, which can be found below:

WRIT 340 Presentation


6 thoughts on “WRIT 340 Blog Post #4: Presentation on Anti-SLAPP Legislation

  1. I think your focus on promoting anti-SLAPP laws is great because it dives deeply into the relationship between the 1st amendment and journalism. It is much more specific than just talking about freedom of speech which I believe makes it easier for you to narrow your research. Maybe there is something specific in the histories of the states that explain why they don’t have anti-SLAPP laws. It’s strange how all of the ones who don’t are in the North.


  2. Nice presentation! I wasn’t familiar with material beforehand, but you made it clear why Anti-SLAPP legislation is important to protect our free speech. I was also curious as to why some states are not implementing the legislation, so I did a search and came across a source you might find helpful for the arguments against it? https://www.colelawgrouppc.com/blog/beware-of-new-tennessee-anti-slapp-legislation/
    Best of luck with the rest of this


  3. This presentation was nicely done and well put together. Before reading your presentation I was somewhat was familiar with Anti-SLAPP but was not totally sure about what it was. However, this presentation was very informative and expanded my knowledge.


  4. I think your presentation was extremely interesting! I was not too sure what Anti- SLAAP was before reading this and your presentation allowed me to understand the concept within a couple of minutes. It’s clear that your paper focuses on the intersection between law and journalism and I think this is extremely interesting. Specifically, your focus on how the 1st amendment plays a role in Anti-SLAAP and journalism. It never crossed my mind that there was a relation between all these fields and its great to see them bridged together.


  5. I also wasn’t familiar with SLAPP beforehand, so thank you for introducing the topic. I definitely think it’s an interesting topic and looking at cases in states that lack Anti-SLAPP legislation is the right approach. I did notice on that map that many of the states that do have Anti-Slapp are marked as Yes*, and I was just curious as to what the asterisk means. Are there variances within legislation that are worth exploring, or do all states with and without legislation tend to produce the same respective results?


  6. It was interesting to see an in-depth example of two topics that I knew had much in common, but had only read brief high-level overviews of. I hadn’t heard of Anti-SLAPP legislation before this but it was explained well and made me curious to learn more about it and see if anything similar comes up in the future. Are there any other amendments that play a role? What about other countries?


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