WRIT 340 Blog Post #5: The Next Draft

Over this past week, I have increasingly struggled to find motivation to do, well, anything. School is certainly included in that. Although I know it should have hit me earlier, I noticed that quarantine actually started off not too terrible for me. At first, I adapted to home life pretty fast, getting myself into a flow and evolving quickly to be content with this “new normal.”

Then, about two weeks ago, the sadness really started to creep in. I missed all the things college in-person has to offer. I missed all the experiences I didn’t get to have this year that brought me so much joy last year – from spring break, to Coachella, to any LA activity I participated in with my friends on the weekends. I recognize I am extremely blessed to have had access to all of that, but that doesn’t necessarily make any of this easier. Staying in one place all the time is definitely madness-inducing.

Finally, this week, my situation really did start to get the best of me. I took the past several days to not really do anything. Just sulk. Just think. Just accept my sadness and deal with the pain of lacking human interaction. I’m not too big on alone time, so being forced into constant alone time for this amount of time (with no light at the end of the tunnel even is sight) is excruciatingly hard for me to deal with. I am lucky I have my family, but I sure to miss my friends.

I’ve always been a believer in jumping out fo my comfort zone, but now it feels like I am being confined to a small portion of my comfort zone, and there’s not really any room for personal growth. I’m hoping this week, as I log into my online classes, I can get back into the swing of things and continue pursuing the daily habits that made this whole situation a little less awful.

Anyways, now that you know why this blog post has not been posted sooner, and why my first draft was so short, here’s what I plan on working on today/this week:

I have completed my introduction for the final assignment, but I need to work on what the sources say about anti-SLAPP legislation. As I have made clear in my other blog posts and presentation, all media law scholars seem to have the same argument that anti-SLAPP legislation should be established in every state/into federal law.

Therefore, I plan on discussing each source’s stance on this agreement and what unique aspects their works bring to the table. However, I also plan on recognizing that gap in knowledge and discussing possible reasons as to why the gap exists.

My biggest challenge right now is finding any evidence as to why certain states don’t currently include anti-SLAPP laws, and why there is no federal legislation to protect against SLAPP cases, as they are a direct attack on the First Amendment. Hopefully as I continue to complete my assignment, I will come across some additional beneficial sources.

Because I have narrowed my topic to focus on anti-SLAPP, it has made this process much more enjoyable and interesting. After choosing the overall subjects of journalism and law, I believe I made the best decision I could in researching the importance of anti-SLAPP and understanding the issues that a lack of this sort of legislation have brought and can bring, if not eventually sorted, to our nation’s democracy.


2 thoughts on “WRIT 340 Blog Post #5: The Next Draft

  1. Hey Grace! Thank you so much for just being honest and sharing your life situation right now, which as you know, a lot of us are in right now. For the paper, you said you’re having trouble find sources that talk about why some states don’t have anti-SLAPP laws. Have you tried doing the opposite? Looking at the states that do have that legislation, finding out (if possible) why they do have those in place, and then from there maybe making an educated guess as to why the others done have it. Just a suggestion that popped into mind while reading this!


    1. Great suggestion! I actually did this when writing up my draft today, and I discovered an explanation for why two states have found anti-SLAPP law to be unconstitutional (according to their state constitutions). Thanks for the support.


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