WRIT 340 Blog Post #6: Final Reflection

This semester has been an odd one, to say the least. I did not imagine that the semester I took Writing 340 would end up completely online. I did not realize that the last time our class met in person would be the last time our class met, at all.

I wish we could have continued meeting in person, because this class heavily emphasizes peer review. Without communication face-to-face, it’s hard to both give and receive helpful feedback.

Nevertheless, we made it work. We still found the motivation, although often lacking, to write our literature reviews and final assignments.

Thankfully, I was quite fascinated by the topics I chose for my final project, so the task felt more fun than it did required. Also, I enjoy blogging, because it provides me a sense of relief. It was nice to tie in class assignments with a task I already enjoy on my own time.

Overall, this class taught me the importance of research, organization and revision. I’ve learned the usefulness of transitions, word choice and simplicity.

Also, I’ve noticed the hardest part of any paper is starting it. Once you begin, though, it is much easier to continue writing, as I have learned from our four assignments.

While I am sad that this semester is over and that I never got to say goodbye to my classmates, I am glad that I got the opportunity to learn what I’ve learned. I look forward to applying these skills in future endeavors.

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